Help, I’m accused of theft like I’m a “Clermont twin”, I’m not a thief!!

REAL LEGAL QUESTION:  I’m an Certified Nursing Aid and I have an open case for a thief by taking.  They arrested me on the job, got me looking like them twins out here embarrassed. This is my 1st offense, and public defender is trying to get it drop to a misdemeanor from a felony.  I cant get El Chapo’s lawyer like that twin, she got model money, I have a public defender.  My public defender is asking for the thief by taking to drop to “2 disorderly conduct and 1 criminal trespassing” charge instead. I don’t want to have an felony on my record. I’m confused.”What would be best?



REAL LEGAL RESPONSE: Speak to the attorney you have now. Consulting with other attorneys will only add to your confusion. If you don’t want the felony, take the plea or take the case to trial. Alternatively, if you plead to the misdemeanors, see if you can do a diversion program. Talk to your lawyer about your concerns and access your options.


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