I need an inexpensive entertainment attorney to submit my screenplay? Help!!



LEGAL QUESTION: I am in desperate need of submitting my screenplay, animation. Netflix, as well as other companies will not except unsolicited material unless you have an agent or entertainment attorney submit you material.  Help please?



REAL LAWYER RESPONSE:  Research different attorneys/firms that you are interested in retaining if you don’t have a preexisting relationship with a lawyer.  Ask others in entertainment for a referrals.  Research getting into the script-writing business and become a self-educated expert.  Additionally, Some distributors (like Netflix) wont even accept submissions from lawyers who aren’t already in the entertainment business, some other companies are less restrictive.  Overall, you have to find the attorney that provides “project shopping” as a part of their services.  But remember you get what you pay for, so invest in a quality lawyer.

PLEASE, IF THIS ANSWER WAS HELPFUL, LET OTHERS KNOW IT. THANK YOU! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No attorney-client relationship is established on the basis of any information provided by Tiffany Simmons (Simmons Law). To establish such a relationship, a written fee agreement must first be executed by the attorney and the reader. The responses given by Tiffany Simmons are in no way intended to be actual legal advice, and they should not be interpreted as such.


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