Do you handle marketing and pitching reality shows?


REAL LEGAL QUESTION: I have a reality script that I want marketed and have concerns about cost. I am confident that I have a winner but do not have much disposable income to launch my product. I can forward a copy of my script and I am certain that you will agree on its promise. Please contact me as soon as possible, if you are able to assist. Sincerely, “Scriptwriter”


REAL LAWYER RESPONSE: Scriptwriter, besides criminal defense, Entertainment law is a practice area of Simmons Law. Pitching a reality show is not the role of an Entertainment Attorney. An Entertainment Attorney serves as your counsel (adviser).  We are here to review contracts, draft contracts, advise clients on their specific business in entertainment.  Besides offering advice about your show (the product), I would advise you on your marketing plan; but note entertainment lawyers are not hired to market your product.  Scriptwriter, you have a script! So now you can work on a “sizzle reel” of your show and grow from there.  Start with what you have and keep creating!  An additional word of empowerment, you have to invest in yourself, your project, and an entertainment attorney if you want others to invest.  If you are confident that you have a winner, put your money where your mouth is and go for it.

PLEASE, IF THIS ANSWER WAS HELPFUL, LET OTHERS KNOW IT. THANK YOU! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No attorney-client relationship is established on the basis of any information provided by Tiffany Simmons (Simmons Law). To establish such a relationship, a written fee agreement must first be executed by the attorney and the reader. The responses given by Tiffany Simmons are in no way intended to be actual legal advice, and they should not be interpreted as such. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO “COACH” ANYONE either here online or by telephone should a reader happen to call us. Instead, our responses are given as general information to be considered, reviewed and confirmed by an attorney more familiar with the reader’s particular circumstances.

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