Worldstar!!!!! But I don’t want to be on there!!!





REAL LEGAL QUESTION: Can someone use my image in a music video without my consent?I went with a friend of mine to a video shoot to support him acting in it and was offered to be in the video. I agreed and danced in the video. The artist who owns the song tried to coerce me into performing sexual acts with him and since I refused, he has decided to release the video without giving me credit. I didn’t sign a contract. After his disrespectful behavior, I would rather not have my image associated with his. The video is part of a marketing release contract with a company called WorldStarHipHop.   If he releases my image in the video anyway, do I have any legal right to have it removed?




REAL ATTORNEY ANSWER: We live in a land of “viral sensations” and everything being recorded and viewed for “likes” so it is difficult when dealing with unwanted internet attention and participation in videos.  First, it is unfortunate that you were disrespected in the process of you supporting a friends music video.  In reviewing your question you stated that you agreed and danced in the video, therefore giving your consent.  Despite changing your mind, you stated that you initially agreed.  At this point, if the video displays you poorly, if it is even released, then you may have a right to address the artist.  Based on the facts given you had a bad experience but this incident does not rise to the level of a legal case.  If you feel that you were assaulted then you can pursue criminal charges against the artist.  An experienced criminal attorney can file a warrant application if the police does not pursue a charge.  If you continue to pursue a career in entertainment, as a woman always handle your business first!  Make sure you are clear on the job, clear in writing on what your image will be used for, etc.  Simmons Law provides legal counsel for talent in the entertainment industry, follow us on IG at @officialsimmonslaw

PLEASE, IF THIS ANSWER WAS HELPFUL, LET OTHERS KNOW IT. THANK YOU! LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No attorney-client relationship is established on the basis of any information provided by Tiffany Simmons (Simmons Law). To establish such a relationship, a written fee agreement must first be executed by the attorney and the reader. The responses given by Tiffany Simmons are in no way intended to be actual legal advice, and they should not be interpreted as such. WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO “COACH” ANYONE either here online or by telephone should a reader happen to call us. Instead, our responses are given as general information to be considered, reviewed and confirmed by an attorney more familiar with the reader’s particular circumstances.




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