Attorney, Author, Actor or all three???

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Tiffany M. Simmons 

Attorney, Author, & Actor

With a knack for creative reinvention and an insurmountable hustle, Tiffany Simmons is determined to leave her mark on the entertainment industry.  As an undefeated attorney and CEO of the Simmons Law Firm, she’s already demonstrated her prowess to exceed expectations. Therefore, adding another notch to her already impressive belt of achievements, is far from a surprise. Her next move is her most challenging yet and she’s opening up to allow others a front row view of how she intends to get it done.

Raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan – one of the notably worst cities for African-Americans who live below the poverty level and have the least access to quality public education – Tiffany was determined to create a new path. Seeking solace in the arts, she excelled in acting classes at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre where she eventually delved into production as well as a host of other behind-the-scenes skills needed to hone her craft. Despite getting casted for national commercials and being celebrated for her work in front of the camera, Tiffany wanted to master all aspects of the business – including the laws that made it all work.

“I remember being a teenager and thinking, anyone can have a pretty face and talent. If I want to be here for a long time and create a legacy, then I would have to learn the business side of things,” Tiffany explains.

Hence, her decision to become the first lawyer in her family which was the catalyst to a life of new beginnings. With a strong concentration in Entertainment Law, Tiffany remained in the thick of the industry – patiently awaiting her return to the arts as an entertainer. After completing acting classes at the world renowned Tasha Smith Acting Workshop (TSAW), she was ready and eager to get back to the world of creativity.

Initially, she wanted to get her feet wet and secured background roles on popular films and television shows like: Think Like a Man, All Eyes On Me, Being Mary Jane, and Survivor’s Remorse, to name a few. Recently, she was cast alongside Sanaa Lathan in the new film, Nappily Ever After. However, a star on the rise can only play in the background for so long before she’s ready for her turn in the spotlight.  With that in mind, Tiffany set her eyes on the bigger picture and was eventually cast in a featured role on All Black, a new sketch comedy premiering on the Watch Blossom Network.

Not only is Tiffany building her acting resumé, but she’s also taking the literary world by storm. With the release of her fourth novel, The Plug’s Lawyer – a trap novel about a good girl with street habits – she’s also added the title, AUTHOR, to her impressive repertoire. Promoting ‘Pretty Girls Read’ as a lifestyle, Tiffany hopes her achievements inspire younger girls to view education as a form of beauty, while keeping it classy and cute.

Living in her purpose and basking in God’s love, Tiffany is destined to build a legacy of bringing raw entertainment to the forefront while revealing the power of combining talent AND education. Her law firm is still open for business and still undefeated. Auditions are still being scheduled and her roles still getting booked. Books are still being sold and her multi-city book tour is still underway. Tiffany Simmons wants it all and she’s determined to get it. Whether she can make you smile, laugh, or inspire you to live in your own purpose, she aspires to do so through entertainment.


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