Is probation over? I’m on non reporting & I want to join the army

REAL QUESTION: My 18 year old son received a speeding ticket going 72 in a 45, because of his age they were going to take his license.  He went to court he took a plea they knocked it down to a 3 point ticket, a fine, community service, a defensive driving class & 12 months probation! He was scheduled to ship out in the Army & has finished his community service & defensive driving & will be on non report probation for the next 12 months however the Army says he cannot have any “open law” so how do we get this handled?



ATTORNEY RESPONSE:  Not sure what “open law” refers to, probably means “open cases.”  Your son is still considered to be on probation even though it is non reporting status.  So yes, he still has an open case. Hire an attorney that can file a motion for early termination of probation. Good luck.

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