Can my Business legally re sell “jailbroke” Amazon Firestick or Android TV streeming service ?



REAL QUESTION: Can my Business legally re sell “jailbroke” Amazon Firestick or Android TV streaming service ?A client needs help marketing their cable TV company. Their cable company is based on Android TV box which does allow users access to Premium Cable Channels, as well as Pay per View Channels. They believe that Streaming TV service based on the Android box are Legal Ventures. I have seen conflicting statements about the legality.  thanks




REAL ATTORNEY RESPONSE:  The limited facts given makes it hard to give a response.  However, are he cable TV shows original content? Are you using regular network cable channels? How is your clients cable TV company different so it will not infringe on any rights of another company?   What is your intent?  The “box” itself is probably legal, but it is most often being used for illegal purposes. When people modify these devices to receive digital TV subscription channels without paying any charges, or streaming or downloading content that is copyrighted, those activities are illegal. The question you asked raises issues which an attorney cannot fully address without knowing more facts.  Hire an attorney before proceeding.





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