Should musicians’ agreement be redone if I move to another state?



REAL QUESTION: I just retired to Florida, and I’ve written some music. I’ve been wanting to do some recording and I had a contract written up by my attorney in my former state for any musicians that I would use in the recording to sign, just saying how much they’d be paid and that they would not have any rights to the copyright in anything they play on. Since copyrights are the same all over the US, do I need a new agreement written or can I use the one that I already have? I doubt that I’ll make much money, if any, on the recordings, but I don’t know if there’s anything so different about Florida that I’d have to have the contract written all over again. Any advice?


REAL ATTORNEY RESPONSE: It doesn’t hurt to have the contract revised or reviewed by a Florida attorney. Most likely it can be used, however, you want to make sure its updated to fit your current needs. The best thing to do as a musician even if “you doubt you will make much money” is to invest in legal and handling business the right way in the beginning.



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