THE PLUGS LAWYER helps to create diversity in the legal profession with one “trap novel” at a time…

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HBCU Florida A&M University graduate attorney Tiffany Simmons has completed her fourth novel, The Plug’s Lawyer. This time around, she chose to go the fiction route and pen a trap novel based on “a good girl with trap habits” named Tia Jones. Simmons is a native of Grand Rapids, Michigan, but left her hometown at the young at of 17. While growing up, her family encouraged her to be a part of the entertainment industry, enrolling her in modeling and acting classes.

After penning three successful books, Simmons decided it was time for her to publish a book about something she knew best: “trapping.” Her own personal trapping experience but Simmons gives us a different definition. Before you decide to judge, pay attention to Tiffany’s definition of trap: “Going out and getting it, hustling, anywhere you make your money is your trap, doing what you need to do to take care of your family. Where ever you go to handle your business and make your money. For me, my trap could be the court room. My trap can be my law office, or it could even be a client’s office. Where ever you choose to go to make your money,” explains Simmons.


Simmons adds, “I decided it was time for me to write a book based loosely on my life but more on the things I eye-witnessed growing up. So, I created the character Tia and the story begins there.  Tia is a young girl who wanted to make it out of her hood, to live a better life; she knew by using her mind she could get a way out.  One of the most important messages Simmons wants young ladies to walk away with after reading is that it’s okay to be yourself, be smart and pretty. Constantly having to prove her worth in a male dominated industry hasn’t always been easy for Simmons. This led to her starting the campaign Pretty Girls Read.   In addition to the reading campaign, Simmons is working on THATS LAW 2: Pocket Guide for the Girl Exec in Entertainment; a guide that will address how a young women can successfully build a career as an girl exec in entertainment.  

In the legal profession it is said that less that less than 5% of attorneys are black females.  By creating the lead character to be young, black, and gifted, Simmons hopes to inspire the next generation of future lawyers.   The undefeated lawyer hasn’t lost a case that she has taken to trial in the history of her career as an attorney.



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