Damnnn!! Hanging with my friends and I got two cases back to back!

college friends.jpg


Marijuana misdemeanors back to back! Earlier this year my 18 y/o high school son got caught with marijuana in his locker. He received a ticket and before he went to court he was stopped by the police in the a car with a couple friends and charged again with < 1 oz of marijuana. He just got off of work and his friends were using while he was finishing up. He is starting college and I’m concerned as to whether he will have to serve jail time due to the back-to-back charges.


 If convicted of the charges, he may face jail time and/or fines. The maximum punishment for misdemeanors like this is a $1000 fine and/or 1 year in jail. Hire a lawyer. He now has two open cases. Simmons Law is an Atlanta based law firm.  We have serviced clients in similar situations as this, achieving great results for our clients.  

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