I was charged with sexual battery, is my life ruined? PLEASE HELP


Real Question:

Can you get probation for a sexual battery misdemeanor charge ?
I didn’t do anything to make her feel uncomfortable….I’m not like that at all I don’t touch females an woman or lil girls in the wrong way at all I love an respect girls ..she wanted to do it ..I asked her if she wanted to do it an she said “yes ” so I walked up to her an we started doing what we was doing an then a girl walked passed us an asked if we was running a train on her an the other girl I was with walked away an then a couple days later ..I had a warrant out for me for nothing an I don’t like going to jail ..I have noo lawyer an if I can beat this I just want probation…I don’t want no time in jail ….PLEASE HELP!!


Attorney Response:

Anything is possible. However, you are facing a serious crime so it is best for you to hire an attorney immediately and refrain from making incriminating statements. Even with getting probation, this type of charge can have other unfavorable consequences that you will probably face.


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