I’m on probation in Tennessee but I live in Atl. What do I do?


Do I have to go to the state I’m currently on probation to get it transferred to the state I reside in? I’m on probation in Tennessee but I live in Ga. I didn’t know I was on probation in Tennessee. I want to get the probation transferred to Georgia but I’m being told I must travel to Tennessee to initiate the transfer and it could take anywhere from two weeks to 1 month. I don’t have the means to travel like that and I’ll lose my job. Do I have to go to Tennessee just to get my probation transferred down to Georgia?


Lawyer Anwser:

Yes you or someone on your behalf would have to go to Tennessee to address the probation. You may want to hire a local Tennessee attorney that can probably handle a lot on your behalf without you present. But you would have to address this in Tennessee at least to get a transfer. The other attorney answers are great as well.


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