A lawyer writes a trap novel???


Attorney Simmons has released her 4th book! yes her 4th.  A “trap” novel, THE PLUGS LAWYER!!!! Its the first installment of her trap novels introducing to the world the character, Tia and her life.   The Plugs Lawyer is labeled a trap novel because its a book born out of “trap life.”  The life where you take risks and prosper;  the life where you fight for what you want while dealing with what life hands you!  The life where you don’t know how you gonna make it but you got to!  The life where your family and future depends on you getting out the hood for good.

This trap novel is raw, gritty, and witty. This unexpected tale of the good girl with trap habits that shoots for her dream as “The Plugs Lawyer!” Kinda hood, more classy, Tia Jones.  Midwest raised, southern paid, the lawyer that talks the talk & walks to walk, as we see what made her become the “legal genius of the nation.” The Plugs Lawyer is made for that girl looking to escape her past for a better life.  Ride the wave of life with Tia in the first installation of three as she builds the Jones Law empire. Betrayal, desperation, desire, & persistence, this story is the voice for the smart, hood girl looking to find where she belongs… which is at the top.

The book can be ordered via https://tiffanysimmons.myshopify.com/products/the-plugs-lawyer-the-first-ever-trap-novel or amazon/kindle https://www.amazon.com/Plugs-Lawyer-Tiffany-M-Simmons/dp/1548244333/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1500230312&sr=8-1&keywords=the+plugs+lawyer   and bookstores across America.   The first official book signing will be held July 22, 2017 at Medu Bookstore in Atlanta, GA from 2-5 pm.  Purchase the book and enter to win an exclusive Plugs Lawyer Piece and more!



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