Does my lawyer have to make jail visits?

Question: Does a lawyer have to visit their clients in jail? We hired a lawyer for my brother and she only visit him when is time to go to court and we pay her I feel like that s not fair he’s facing serious charges like aggravate cm and aggravated sodomy.


Answer: No, a lawyer is not required to visit a jailed client.  However, when a lawyer needs to speak with the client about the case, or payments, or to follow up then most lawyers will visit the client in jail.  Just because a lawyer has not visited a jailed client does not mean that work is not being done on the clients behalf nor does that mean that the lawyer isn’t interested in the client.  If the lawyer is spending more time doing jail visits than spending time defending the client then maybe you have a problem.  But on the other hand, if the lawyer is doing her job despite only visiting the client a few times at the jail, then I would not be concerned.  Please note: every lawyer’s customer service is different.  You have to find the lawyer that is the right fit for you.

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