Question: I got my first driving under the influence and got on probation missed some payments got arrested for violation what can happen?  I have paid most of the fine but I have missed a few probation and haven’t been able to pay anything on my fine I only owe 800 more dollars. I have got a warrant issued and have been arrested What may happen can I just pay the fine off and I can get out.

Answer: By not attending your probation appointments you did violate the terms of probation.  First, speak to your probation officer and let them know your situation, if the officer is aware of your personal circumstances they may be willing to work with you.  Since there is an active warrant, you should retain an attorney to represent you at the probation revocation hearing; an attorney is best skilled at representing your interests in court as well as representing your interests while dealing with the probation officer.  Last, full payment of the fine is great incentive for an early termination of your probation, but the decision is left to the Judge.  Simmons Law specializes in business, criminal defense, and entertainment law.  Our firm can best represent your interests when facing a DUI charge.  Call us at 404-461-8422.


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