Can I carry a butterfly knife?

butterfly knife

Question: Are butterfly knives legal to carry around as long as I don’t threaten anyone with it?  Does the knife have to be at a certain length? What will it be classified as?

Answer: Based upon the limited information provided, yes you can carry a butterfly knife.  However, if you commit a crime with the knife that is illegal and most likely the charges will be heightened due to the fact that the knife is classified as a weapon.

Whats your “reality show”? Social Biography Videos and Criminal Defense

Because your case may be seen as just another number to the State, social biography videos (also known as mitigation videos) are made in attempt to re-humanize our clients. In other words, the video will tell who you are beyond what the prosecutors see in the defendant file. So what would your “reality show” portray of you? The purpose of the video is to impact sentencing, impact plea negotiations, and more. Social biography videos are an effective tool in the defense of our clients. The video is an opportunity to share your story in a powerful and effective way. Inquire about the use of a social biographical video in the defense of your criminal case.