I don’t live in Georgia and I caught a weed charge, help?


Question: What can I do to get my possession of marijuana charged dropped? On April 3rd 2014, I was pulled over and charged with possession of marijuana. When I got pulled over and the cop asked if there was anything in the car, I said no. Well the the girl that was with me had it in her bra, pulled it out and sat it on the dash. The cop said if I didn’t plead guilty, he was going to impound my car and take me to jail. The girl got let off free. I told the cop I’m from another state and was just visiting my aunt for a little. I asked if he wanted her address or my Pennsylvania address, he said hers. I went to court on July 1st and as I was up at the podium, the judge was going over everything. Being that I am not from Georgia, I’m from Pennsylvania, he put my case on hold. Minutes later, the cop that gave me a citation told me I was going to jail until my next court date because something went wrong while trying to do a background check. I didn’t know how to explain all of it but from what you can read, is there any possible way to get the case thrown out? They are making me stay in Georgia until after my court date on August 15th but I’m on the verge of losing my job and I got a 3 year old daughter. I got to get back to Pennsylvania too. I can’t be waiting around. Let me know as soon as possible please and thank you!

 Answer: If you reside in another state it is best to retain an attorney here in Georgia immediately.  At this point because your job and family are at risk you need to hire an experienced professional to help you resolve the case.  An attorney can assist you with possibly entering a pretrial diversion program instead of you pleading to possession of marijuana.  You do have options but you need to speak with a lawyer for guidance.



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