Fines paid, can I get off probation now??


Question: Is there a way that you can pay a fine for DV without having to keep reporting to a probation officer?  I’m on probation but I don’t have transportation to see my PO nor do I have the funds to pay every month but with my income tax refund I just want to pay the whole so I can stop getting violated because of situations I can’t control.

Answer: First ask your probation officer if they will agree for you to go into “non reporting” status.  Your probation officers recommendation will go a long way with the sentencing judge.  Alternatively, have your attorney file a motion with the Court for you to go into non reporting status.  Non reporting status is when you are still on probation but you don’t have to report to your probation office for the remaining probationary period.  In reference to paying the fees, if you do not have the money, you can always ask to convert the fines into community service hours.  If you do pay the fine in full it is very possible that you may be able to go into non reporting status.  Overall, every case is different, but generally, you have options.  Here at Simmons Law we always ask the sentencing Judge for early termination of probation when all the terms are fulfilled by our client.  Call us at 1-888-917-8387 if you have any questions.