I’m innocent of fraud but I missed court, what is my sentence?



Question: What is the minimum sentence for somebody convicted of fraud by document found guilty by absence?  My boyfriend was arrested and is being held for fraud by document. We can prove he is innocent on that but because he never showed up for court he is guilty by absence? What is the minimum and maximum sentence he is facing? The document was a title to an old boat that wasn’t worth much but junk.

 Answer: No he is not guilty by absence but if the he did not show up on his court date, a bench warrant for his arrest might have been issued for failure to appear.  If a judge issues a bench warrant for failure to appear that does not mean your boyfriend is found guilty. The sentence he may face varies depends on a few variables.  A lawyer can assist you with asking the judge to rescind the bench warrant, then whatever proof he may have of his innocence he should give to his lawyer.  






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