I failed to appear in court & I was charged with simple possession, help!!


What should I do and what is a possible outcome for my simple possession and failure to appear? I was given a ticket for a simple possession, less than an ounce in Georgia. I, then, was unable to make the court and my license was suspended. Last week, I was arrested for driving “without” a license. I would like some advice on what will the outcome will be most likely, and if there is anything I can do prior to my court date to help myself? Thank you.


It is best for you to attend all court dates.  Unless you are in the hospital or a death, failure to appear typically, shows the Court that you are not taking the charge seriously and you do not respect the Courts time.  Failing to appear in court would result in a warrant issued for your arrest and your license suspended.  First, it would be best to retain an attorney in order to get the suspension lifted.  Second, you may be able to do a pretrial diversion program or first offender status for the simple possession ticket.

When facing a criminal charge time is not on your side.  If you or anyone you know is facing this charge or similar charges, contact Simmons Law now at 1-888-917-8387.  

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