Lil’ Scrappy Gets Scrappy at Georgia Gas Station





It’s not all love for “Love & Hip Hop” star, Lil’ Scrappy. On August 27, 2013, Lil’ Scrappy, who’s legal name is Darryl Richardson, was arrested after getting into a physical altercation with Kenny Rogers, a man who allegedly disrespected his girlfriend.  An off-duty officer ended the fight and it was reported that Scrappy was very cooperative. Regarding the fight, Scrappy stated “[Rogers] was calling my girlfriend names and then he put his hands on me, so I had to lay them paws on him.” He was released a short time later. His lawyer stated that video evidence would show that Scrappy was merely acting in self-defense.

The defenses available in assault and battery cases vary depending on the circumstances surrounding the events. Generally, proving self-defense requires that the accused demonstrate (a) a threat of unlawful force or harm against them; (b) perceived, or a reasonable basis, that the accused perceived harm against them; (c) the victim did not initiate or provoke the altercation; and finally, (d) there was no reasonable chance of retreating the situation.

If you or someone you know has been charged with battery, please do not hesitate to contact the attorneys at Simmons Law, LLC. Our attorneys are experienced in the area of criminal law and provide professional and competent legal defense with the goal of getting you the best outcome possible in your case.

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