“In House Counsel, a good business decision for all businesses”

Coca Cola, Chick-Fil-A, Georgia Power, all different companies, but each has something in common.  The commonality that these companies share is the fact that they have in house counsel and they understand the benefits of having attorneys working for them on a day to day basis. 

In house counsel is a lawyer or team of lawyers who work within a business organization.  For an in house attorney, the business is their only client, and they represent the business on a wide array of issues.  There are many benefits to hiring in house counsel.  However, many businesses don’t know the benefits, and oftentimes will only contact a lawyer after something “goes wrong.”    Whether your business is a small or a large corporation, it is advantageous to invest in good business counsel while building the company brand. 

Most large companies hire in house counsel because it is more cost efficient to have an attorney on staff.  Companies pay in house attorneys a salary instead of the sometimes expensive hourly rates billed by most law firms.  Generally, in house counsel can better serve their client because they only have one clients needs to look after. 

In house counsel or staff attorney are responsible for the business and legal affairs for the business that they represent.  Staff attorney’s offers the business client daily guidance on the business decisions that affect the company now and in the future.  Additionally, the guidance offered considers not only what makes sense for the business but also considers the legal responsibilities of the company. 

When a company faces a legal problem they can hire outside counsel, but if they have in house counsel this makes the handling of their legal issues that much easier.  For instance, if your company needs contract work, an attorney on staff would be available for contract drafting and negotiation needs.  There are times that in house counsel has to hire outside counsel to assist with a matter, however, that takes place when a certain area of expertise is needed.

In house counsel is a huge benefit to any business or corporation seeking to build their brand and grow.  While the business focuses on their brand, the staff attorney will be available to offer guidance and support as issues arise.  Simmons Law provides in house counsel to firms who lack their own staff attorney.  When a business makes the investment now in business counsel, it will pay off.  We would love to represent you while you continue to build your brand.


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