So you want to be on a reality show?


So you want to be on a reality show?

What to know before getting on TV

“It’s a train wreck!”  “Reality TV is good TV.” The opinions of reality television shows range from delight to disgust, but most of us admit, “it’s our guilty pleasure.”  Whatever your opinion, new shows are made, more money is earned off of the ratings, and oftentimes these shows have some viewers wondering when can I have my own show?  Reality television began in 1948 with Alan Funt’s TV series Candid Camera.  These days, Love & Hip Hop, Mob Wives, Bait Car, The Bachelor, Real World, Housewives of Orange County” are just a few of the wide variety of reality shows that has viewers tuned in each week.   Regardless of the protests done by those who don’t like this form of entertainment there are many who do enjoy this genre and wish to be seen by the world.  Interested in appearing on a reality show?  Well consider the following points when you are the talent looking to make it in reality TV. 

 Consider these points while going through the process of being the talent on a reality show

The key players in the reality show process are the talent, the producer, and the show runner.  The talent can be an ordinary person like TLC’s Honey Boo Boo, a show based on a young pageant contestant and her family.  On the other hand, talent can be a celebrity, like the rap star TI and his wife Tiny in VHI’s The Family Hustle.  As new talent, you will enter into a contract and have limited creative control.  The more leverage you have as talent, the more control you have during the process of creating a reality show.   If you are “indispensable” to the show then you can demand more money per episode of the show.  If your talent does not add value (money), then you will be replaced.  When you are offered a talent contract for a reality show, an entertainment attorney such as Attorney Simmons should be contacted before you sign the contract.  Although you may agree to be embarrassed, or shown in a light unfavorable to your family, an attorney can review the areas specifically in the areas of gross revenue and ancillary rights.  You want to make money and keep as many of your rights as possible.  Also a person seeking to be talent on a reality show, carefully consider how appearing on a reality show will affect your REAL reality, your family, and your future.

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