“The First Date” Choosing the lawyer that fits you!

Choosing the Lawyer for You

            Everyday life shows us that people need lawyers, but why?   Lawyers are needed because we do more than just answer questions about the latest disputes or concerns.  A lawyer offers clients strategic advice and applies sophisticated technical skills to legal matters.  The client’s goal is to find a lawyer that is willing to serve as a legal coach to help educate the client and take over as formal legal counsel when needed.  Thus, choosing the lawyer for you is a task that should be given much thought and effort. 

Finding Possible Lawyers 

Locating the right lawyer for a legal matter can be a discouraging process to a “newcomer” in the legal industry.  The person that is not familiar with what lawyers actually do and how a law firm is managed can easily be overwhelmed.  When faced with a legal issue a good place to look for a lawyer is by asking those around you.  Personal referrals are a good place to start the process of choosing the lawyer that is best for your legal need.  Another way to find a lawyer is to talk to people in the community that have encountered the same legal matter. 

Online services are available to find a lawyer and most are helpful.   Many sites offer a way to connect clients with lawyers based on location and the type of legal case.  For instance, the State Bar Association has an attorney member directory and/or referral services.  

Although there are many ways to find an attorney, including referrals don’t choose your lawyer solely on the basis of another’s recommendation.  Different people will have different responses to lawyer’s style and personality, so when you find a possible lawyer meet them first! 

Interviewing Perspective Lawyers 

Once you choose a perspective lawyer, the next step is the consultation or “interview.”  If the firm asks you to bring paperwork, a fee, etc. do it, come prepared.  As you are interviewing the lawyer, they are doing the same.  A good client is one that is prepared, cooperative, and just as invested in the outcome of their case as the lawyer.  The consultation can be compared to taking one on a first date.  If the initial interaction is not compatible, it is likely that the perspective lawyer is not right for you. 

Simmons Law

Attorney Tiffany Simmons and Simmons Law are known throughout the Atlanta area for their utmost professional conduct.  Specializing in business and criminal law within the entertainment industry, Attorney Simmons strives to be business focused but people driven.  Contact us at 1-888-917-8387 for all of your legal needs. 


3 thoughts on ““The First Date” Choosing the lawyer that fits you!

  1. TIffany, this is some very good advice. I will be sure to remember these principles when I begin shopping for an attorney.

  2. There are not enough stars to rate Attorney Tiffany Simmons in my opinion. To me, it is very important to have an attorney that fully understands and believes in our case. Attorney Tiffany M. Simmons is not only understanding, but certainly genuine. She is extraordinarily hard-working and diligent. I am impressed with her expertise, knowledge, and integrity in the field of Law. I commend you, Attorney Tiffany Simmons and staff.

  3. Having done a bit of due diligence, thought I’d take the next preliminary step in the procedural process of selecting legal counsel. Not sure whether I can be assisted in my business endeavor (non-entertainment related), but I’m contacting her to determine that.

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